15” Crazy Quilt Rag Wreath – MADE TO ORDER

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An Everyday Wreath

Crazy Quilt Rag Wreath is a soft & fluffy, multicolored fabric wreath that can be displayed year-round. I’ve dubbed this wreath my “Crazy Quilt” rag wreath because it contains a plethora of colors & patterns from an of assortment of fabrics, yarns, laces, & trims.

Width – 15″ (38.1 cm)
Depth – 2″ (5.1 cm)

Artisan Made

This rag wreath is crafted by hand-tying hundreds of strips of fabric to a sturdy metal ring. The fabrics are also prepared by hand. I cut & tear all of my strips myself and the more varied fabrics used, the longer this process takes.

Limited Edition

My supplies are limited & ever-changing because I utilize many vintage & recycled materials. I only have enough supplies set aside to make a few of the wreath shown, with its particular fabrics.

I will make this rag wreath when you order. Because this wreath is handmade, every single one is unique. Your wreath will be similar, but vary a bit from the sample shown. Crazy Quilt Rag Wreath will ship in 2 – 3 business days.

Size & Display

This medium-sized wreath has a slim design that allows for hanging between a storm door. You can hang this wreath on a door or wall; I display my wreaths on both. This wreath could also be used as a table centerpiece. Another cool thing about this wreath is that it if you display it in a window – it will look nice from both sides! You’ll want to display this wreath indoors or in a protected area.
International delivery is available, please contact me.

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