Types of Embroidery

What is candlewicking embroidery?

Candlewicking originated using the same thread used in making candles to stitch designs on cotton muslin. The embroideries were typically simple designs using white thread on white fabric. Modern candlewicking designs often incorporate embroidery flosses and the use of color.


What is crewel embroidery?

Traditionally, crewel is embroidery worked on any type of fabric using wool. However, modern day has brought us 100% acrylic crewel-type yarns.


What is needlepoint embroidery?

Needlepoint, also known as canvas embroidery, is simply embroidery stitches worked on an open-weave canvas.


What is longstitch?

Longstitch is a type of needlepoint stitch – a straight stitch worked to any length, in one direction. This stitch is often used to quickly cover large areas of canvas. Kits are available with patterns done entirely in longstitch.