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Clematis Climbers – Reusing Old Embroidery Hoops

Clematis Growing Through Old Embroidery Hoop

Part Two

So this is sort of a follow-up to my garden art/bird perch post from almost exactly one year ago. Last July, I hung some old embroidery hoops in the garden. I did it for prettiness, but I also thought the birds might like them. I can’t say for sure if they did or if they didn’t, but this handsome purple clematis seems to think they are okay. And he was much easier to catch in the act.


Clematis Vine Growing Through Old Embroidery Frames

Old Embroidery Hoops For Clematis

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Craft Tutorial – Rug Yarn Tree Ornaments

These darling little trees are very easy to make & are made very quickly with precut rug yarn.

Yarn Tree Ornaments



  • Pre Cut Rug Yarn
  • Wire
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Glue


Rug Yarn Tree Tutorial Steps 1 - 3



  1. Fold a length of wire in half. I am using 20 gauge, 18” wire. Pipe cleaners also work well for this. Lay your precut yarn inside the folded wire, doing your best to center the strips. I am using a packet of Chartreuse Caron Rug Yarn.
  2. Pinch the wire together at the fold & leave a small loop so you can insert wire or thread later for hanging. At the other end, twist the 2 ends of wire together.
  3. Hold the top of tree in one hand & the bottom in the other. Now twist!
  4. Now it’s time to make your trunk. Roll the cardboard into a tube leaving a hole large enough for the wire to slip into. Secure with glue (hot glue works best here).
  5. Put some glue inside your tube.
  6. Slide tube over wire.


Rug Yarn Tree Tutorial Steps 4 - 6


Just add some pretty string & hang!

Chartreuse Caron Rug Yarn Tree

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The Sea Captains

The Sea Captains

These fetching fellas are two of my favorite embroidered artworks. The blue-eyed gentleman on the left is a reproduction in needlepoint of a painting of a Dutch lifeboat captain by the name, Dorus Rijkers. In his lifetime, Rijkers saved hundreds of people from drowning.

The Fisherman needlepoint

Captain Rijkers is stitched from a vintage WonderArt kit titled “The Fisherman”

Man Of The Sea crewel

The monochrome embroidery is titled “Man Of The Sea”; and was stitched from a crewel kit made in the 70s by Paragon.


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Plant Markers – Repurposing Knitting Needles

Knitting needles that have lost their mates make excellent plant markers. I use these giant needles to mark plants while I am weeding a new bed.

Plant Markers

Eventually, I think I will be creating a border from them and other found objects like old screwdrivers, forks and various other odds and ends.