15” Blue Jean Rag Wreath

Enjoy this jean wreath’s simplicity all year long or change it up seasonally with your own decorations & embellishments. Wreath is about 15″ wide, with a slim, 2″ depth (38.1 x 5.1 cm).

I make your blue jean rag wreath when you order. Due to the nature of handmade & variations in blue jeans, your wreath will differ a bit from the one shown.

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Would you like to customize your blue jean rag wreath?

I can add a bow or embellishment to your blue jean rag wreath. You can have a look at my Denim Wreaths collection, for available jean wreath options. Also, have a look at my blog, where I post photos of wreaths I’ve made, different types of bows, and felt cutouts. Tell me what you would like to have & I will build.

International delivery is available!

Please contact me if you live outside the USA

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